Can I get a loan to the unemployed?


When applying to any financial institution, in particular, to a bank for a loan, clients are forced to indicate in the questionnaire the amount of wages and the source of income. This is easily explained, since any bank that issues money on credit is interested in their subsequent repayment.

Representatives of the bank are especially interested in such a criterion for evaluating the borrower as solvency.

Solvency is a key criterion for assessing the borrower’s reliability, based on the solvency of the borrower, the lender decides on the issuance of a loan.

All of the above lends itself to a logical explanation: if a person does not have regular income, then he is not able to pay money on a loan. Therefore, it becomes obvious that the unemployed can not take a loan, however, this is a fallacy.

Types of loans available to the unemployed

Types and types of loans available to the unemployed

First of all, it should be said that from the legal point of view people who are unemployed (not employed) are those who do not have a permanent place of work and who work for employees without official registration at the enterprise. That is, if a person has a permanent or temporary source of income, but is not able to officially confirm his employment, then he is an unemployed person. Banks take this point into account, but due to fierce financial competition in the banking market of lending services, they also issue loans to this category (or type) of potential borrowers.

One of the most popular (according to statistics) loan products for this category of the population are express loans, characterized by the minimum requirements for the package of documents provided by the client.

As a rule, for the process of applying for an express loan, it is enough to present an identity document – a passport and another document (for example, a driver’s license (driver’s license, TIN, pension insurance certificate (ATP), etc.). ).

To obtain a loan, you do not need to confirm your employment and provide income certificates.

To obtain a loan, you do not need to confirm your employment and provide income certificates.

The decision to issue an express loan is made in 20-40 minutes. The banks repay the presence of a high level of risk of express loans initially by overstating interest rates, which can be 50-60% (half) per annum and above.

This type of loan issued without reference should include microloans issued through the Internet, without leaving home. By filling out a questionnaire on a particular site, you should wait for a call from a bank representative who will bring to your attention information about the decision on your submitted application, often positive. So you can get a loan of several tens (but not more) thousand rubles.

Lending on the security of real estate or a passenger vehicle also does not require the provision of certificates and confirmation of the level of income from borrowers. Banks reduce credit risks, which they themselves bear, at the expense of collateral, for this very reason they do not greatly elicit information from clients regarding the client’s source of income.

Attention should be paid to the relatively low (compared to others) interest rates on loans with a collateral obligation. Without income certificates, you can apply for a credit card.

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